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Speech Enhancement

Spellex Dictation Gold™ for dyslexia improves writing and reading comprehension through better speech recognition in Dragon, spelling, pronunciations, definitions, and word recognition.

Advanced Spell Checking

Spellex Suite for Office™ adds powerful spell checking and eliminates errors with support from its quick search definition and pronunciation feature.   Best of all, Spellex requires little or no training allowing students to focus on their tasks.

Font for Dyslexia

DysLex™ font for dyslexia helps to overcome reading challenges such as tendency to reverse, invert, disorder, and otherwise jumble characters while reading.

Spellex has been a leading provider of assistive technology, spell check, and speech recognition solutions for more than 30 years. As a Business Partner to DSA Suppliers throughout the UK and advocate for Assistive Technology, Spellex proudly supports and is a member of the BATA, British Assistive Technology Association.

Why us?

DSA Approved

Spellex has been serving the DSA community with approved software for over 20 years.

Certified Experience

We have been the leaders in assistive technology, specialty spell checking, and speech vocabulary enhancements for over 30 years.

Lifetime Guarantee

All DSA software comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Free upgrades and support for every DSA license.

What our customers say about us

it is brilliant program particularly for severe dyslexics like me. I have recommended it to others.

Brian Mullen

I noticed more clarity while writing my papers.  Thanks for your product.

Ian Johns

I find Spellex [Anywhere] so easy to use… on any text based application.

David R. Smith

Spellex Dictation has increased my efficiency now that Dragon transcribes my medical words properly!

Pat Johnson

Thanks for your wonderful work!  Your product is reliable and accurate.  I appreciate that.

BJ Malecha

With the word lookup feature, I found words I had added to my speller that weren’t correctly spelled. Thanks, Spellex!

Carol Miller, Medical Arts Center

In all my dealings with companies, through all the years, you guys have just been the absolute nicest people to deal with. I can’t thank you enough, really.

Mary Cassidy

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